Slam Dunk ≫ Slam Dunk Manga Vol. 13
Slam Dunk Manga Vol.  13

Slam Dunk Manga Vol. 13




He tried to slam her with love, but she dunked his heart.
Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for T audiences. Shohoku is down fifteen points against the Kings from Kainan, so whom do they turn to in an effort to get back in the black? Superstar Kaede Rukawa, of course. Rukawa’s natural abilities help put some crucial points on the board, and a comeback seems possible, but when Captain Akagi twists his ankle on an opposing player’s foot, Shohoku quickly finds itself without one of its biggest offensive and defensive forces. Can Sakuragi step into Akagi’s shoes and keep Kainan from running away with the game?

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Publisher Viz
Series Slam Dunk
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Primary language English
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