Rurouni Kenshin ≫ Rurouni Kenshin Manga Vol. 7
Rurouni Kenshin Manga Vol.   7

Rurouni Kenshin Manga Vol. 7

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The Shinsengumi - fearsome and formidable protectors of the Shogunate, with whom Kenshin did battle during the final days of the Meiji Restoration. One man in particular - Saito Hajime, captain of the third unit - lingers in Kenshin's mind. Now an officer of the law and known as "Fujita Goro," Saito arrives on the steps of the Kamiya Dojo, challenging Kenshin to a duel that will force a reawakening of Kenshin's own past. But the confrontation with Saito is just the beginning of something much larger, something that will involve the future of the new Japan...
Also a hit anime series, Rurouni Kenshin is beloved by fans around the world for its mix of historical detail, spectacular battles and, of course, romantic comedy. The "Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story" continues in this new volume from Viz.

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