The Earl and the Fairy ≫ Earl and the Fairy Manga Vol. 4
Earl and the Fairy Manga Vol.   4

Earl and the Fairy Manga Vol. 4

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Lydia can see fairies, but can she tell who the re
Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor,one of the few people with the ability to see the magical creatures who share our world. During one of her rare trips to London to visit her father, Lydia’s quiet life is suddenly transformed when she is rescued from kidnappers by a mysterious young man!Lydia has been trapped in a warehouse by Rosalie, a dangerous young woman who commands a bogey-beast and wants Edgar all to herself. What’s more, Lydia has realized that she is in the storehouse where Edgar was first enslaved as a child. Can she discover the secret of his dark past, or will she fall prey to the bogey-beast’s true master? Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen audiences.

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Publisher Viz
Series The Earl and the Fairy
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Primary language English
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