Castle in the Sky ≫ Castle in the Sky Manga Vol. 3
Castle in the Sky Manga Vol.   3

Castle in the Sky Manga Vol. 3

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Pazu and Sheeta have joined Dola's crew! Helping out in the crow's nest, the engine room, and even the kitchen of the pirate ship Tiger Moth, Sheeta calls upon her childhood memories to plot a course towards Laputa, the legendary floating Castle in the Sky. But they're in a dangerous race with the giant armored zeppelin Goliath, where Muska still has Sheeta's pendant-working as a navigational beacon pointing straight for the Castle! When the two ships cross paths, even evening clouds light up with battle-and Pazu and Sheeta, scouting in a glider, are blown free. The prize everyone is searching for is now very near... but will both sides destroy each other before they can set foot on Laputa?

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Publisher Viz
Series Castle in the Sky
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Primary language English
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