Castle in the Sky ≫ Castle in the Sky Manga Vol. 1
Castle in the Sky Manga Vol.   1

Castle in the Sky Manga Vol. 1




A legend of the days of the first flying machines, where fantastic adventure takes to the air! Pirates greedy for treasure and secret agents hungry for power are both chasing Sheeta, a young girl who wears a mysterious blue stone around her neck. The stone's power makes Sheeta defy gravity and float down into the life of Pazu, a tough young orphan boy inventor. Soon Pazu and Sheeta are caught up together-way up, into the clouds, where somewhere awaits Laputa, a floating city built by a lost race of people. What ancient secrets link Sheeta's stone to the incredible dangers and mysteries of the Castle in the Sky?

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Viz
Series Castle in the Sky
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Primary language English
Product Code ARCHO-52455
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