Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty ≫ Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty Manga Vol. 5
Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty Manga Vol. 5

Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty Manga Vol. 5

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This funny and heartrending romantic manga set in modern Tokyo is not the fairy tale you remember! This time, Prince Charming is a teenage janitor, and this Sleeping Beauty’s curse is a supernatural, gender-bending dream that threatens to pull them both into a deeper and deeper slumber…

Satoshi’s father has worked for the rich family in the house on the hill his entire life, so when the teenager needs a part-time job to put himself through school, looking after the mansion’s gardens is a natural fit. Satoshi’s ready to work hard, and he quickly endears himself to the staff. But there’s one ironclad rule even he must obey: Don’t go near the cottage behind the house. When he sees a beautiful, pale girl in one of the windows, Satoshi assumes she is being kept prisoner, and their secret meetings quickly turn romantic, but Satoshi has no idea just how terrible this Sleeping Beauty’s curse really is…

Story Locale: Modern Japan

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Written language English
Series Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty
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