Gantz ≫ Gantz G Manga Vol. 1
Gantz G Manga Vol. 1

Gantz G Manga Vol. 1




An adult science-fiction manga horror show, Gantz G is a spin-off side tale set in the epic Gantz universe. Written by series creator Hiroya Oku and illustrated with stunning realism by Keita Iizuka. Gantz G is all-out action and fierce imagination, not for the kids and definitely not for those of tender sensibilities!Teenage victims of a lethal bus plunge wake in an abandoned schoolroom where an ominous black sphere announces YOUR LIVES HAVE ENDED. HOW YOU USE YOUR NEW LIVES IS ENTIRELY UP TO ME. Given weapons, uniforms, a mission, and a deadly ultimatum, the new Gantz team is sent to battle a menacing array of bizarre alien invaders who, if not defeated, will ably demonstrate how the dead can still die! Series Overview: This is the first volume of the Gantz G series.

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Dark Horse
Series Gantz
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Primary language English
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