Kurogane ≫ Kurogane Manga Vol. 2
Kurogane Manga Vol. 2

Kurogane Manga Vol. 2




Beneath samurai Jintetsu's robot body beats a broken heart. Although Jintetsu has avenged his father's death, it's gotten him nowhere. He's fated to a life as a homeless drifter: a man with no home, no title, and no peace. But then he runs into fellow assasisin Renji the Firewalker - whose fate seems to be intertwined with Jintetsu's.

Jintetsu and Renji worked together in the past, so they share an unspoken bond of understanding and respect. That is, until Ryujiro, Jintetsu's childhood friend, hires the cyborg samurai to assassinate Renji. Now he has to make a choice between his friends, and whichever side he takes, it's going to be a losing proposition.

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Written language English
Series Kurogane
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