Comic Party ≫ Comic Party (TP) Manga Vol. 4
Comic Party (TP) Manga Vol. 4

Comic Party (TP) Manga Vol. 4

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When Asahi Sakurai -- the lit chick who gave a poetry reading at Brother 2's booth -- returns to the comic scene, it turns out that she's really a famous voice actress and singer in disguise! Kazuki helps her escape a crowd full of rabid fans, but discovers that this starlet is really a shy girl. Can he give her the confidence she needs to handle her fast-paced career?

Later, Kazuki hits a wall in his doujinshi career, and must decide whether to stick with the parodies that have got him this far or expand into original work. Does he have the write stuff?

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Tokyo Pop
Written language English
Series Comic Party
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Product Code ARCHO2-54318
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