The Seven Deadly Sins ≫ Seven Deadly Sins Manga Vol. 22
Seven Deadly Sins Manga Vol. 22

Seven Deadly Sins Manga Vol. 22

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In order to protect the rest of The Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas faces off against Gloxinia and Drole of The Ten Commandments alone. But just when he appears to have the upper hand, the remaining Commandments join the fray! Meliodas’s demonic powers are strong, but will he be able to prevail when it’s 10-versus-1? And when a secret from Meliodas’s past is revealed, will The Seven Deadly Sins stay by his side?
The epic journey of sorcery and swordplay that inspired the hit Netflix anime continues!
Praise for the Netflix anime“Pure 30-minute doses of good ol’ shonen fun…a joy to watch!” -IGN
“A great new action series…truly amazing.” -Geek-E
Series Overview: Welcome to the land of Britannia, a picturesque country ruled by the benevolent King Lyonnesse - or at least it was, until the king’s guard assassinated him and started a full-blown Holy War! Now the king’s only daughter Elizabeth must seek the aid of the dreaded warriors the Seven Deadly Sins. Wrongly framed and sent into exile, they’re now the princess’s only hope to free the kingdom from the grip of the villainous Holy Knights!

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