Samurai Executioner ≫ Samurai Executioner Manga Vol. 6
Samurai Executioner Manga Vol. 6

Samurai Executioner Manga Vol. 6




The stoic bushido world of Samurai Executioner is one full of flying, disembodied heads, and odd happenings. And this volume is no exception. There are always stories of crimes and ensuing punishment, and plenty of squirting blood, but this volume promises a story that will fascinate and produce a few grins.

A mysterious woman, with a turtle-like demon tattooed on her back and the ability to swim like no other, is stealing weapons of men around Edo. It's scarring egos and causing lots of problems. Of course, Asa has the answer to the mystery. And in a surprise turn, a samurai cop whom we've met before finally captures the woman, and does so in a rather erotic way.

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Dark Horse
Series Samurai Executioner
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Primary language English
Product Code ARCHO2-53714
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