Fate/stay night ≫ Fate/Zero Manga Vol. 5
Fate/Zero Manga Vol. 5

Fate/Zero Manga Vol. 5

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Two desperate hunts stalk the dark woods that shroud Einzbern Castle, as Lancer and Saber confront the hideous sorcery of Caster, incarnation of the fiendish Gilles de Rais, while Irisviel follows Maiya in search of the master magician Kirei. Is mage killer Kiritsugu risking both his wife and his mistress in a cold-blooded scheme to assassinate Kirei…?Series Overview: This is the 5th volume in the Fate/Zero series. This is not a collection, but a manga original graphic novel.
The manga adaptation of Type-Moon’s hit anime and novel series!

Heroes from all ages of history clash in a tournament to the death!
From dynamo writer Gen Urobuchi!
Fans of horror and dark fantasy won’t want to miss Fate/Zero

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