LDK ≫ LDK Manga Vol. 11
LDK Manga Vol. 11

LDK Manga Vol. 11

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Shusei is the most handsome and popular boy at his high school—and he’s turned down almost every girl there, including Aoi’s best friend. But when his apartment catches fire, he has to move in with his neighbor: Aoi! What will these unwilling roommates become to each other when forced to share an LDK?
Series Overview: Aoi’s best friend Moe is in love with their high school’s prince, Shusei Kugayama. But when Moe confesses her feelings, Shusei turns her down hard, and a furious Aoi takes him to task. So it’s quite a shock when Aoi finds out that the boy moving into the apartment next to hers is Shusei! Things go from awkward to intolerable when Aoi accidentally starts a kitchen fire in Shusei’s apartment, and is forced to let him move in while the damage gets cleaned up. Readers will love watching the funny and touching situations this unlikely couple experience as they slowly begin to warm to each other.

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Written language English
Series LDK
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