Toriko ≫ Toriko Manga Vol. 39
Toriko Manga Vol.  39

Toriko Manga Vol. 39




Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter out to eat the world!
In a savage world ruled by the pursuit of the most delicious foods, it’s either eat or be eaten! While searching for the tastiest foods imaginable, Gourmet Hunter Toriko travels the world with his bottomless stomach, facing every beast in his way. The Gourmet Eclipse is quickly approaching and time is of the essence, but the Back Channel is not a forgiving place. The darkness alone is enough to devour any unprepared soul—appetite and all! Will Komatsu be able to find Another and prepare it in time?! Meanwhile, the reemergence of God is at hand, and Toriko and Starjun gear up for the fight of their lives against the almighty Battle Wolf. But they are not alone! One of the spawn of Neo is also prepared to challenge them for a taste of the mysterious king of ingredients, God!

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Viz
Series Toriko
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Primary language English
Product Code ARCHO2-178208
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