Anonymous Noise ≫ Anonymous Noise Manga Vol. 3
Anonymous Noise Manga Vol.   3

Anonymous Noise Manga Vol. 3

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Music and longing collide in this ballad of unrequited love! Nino Arisugawa, a girl who loves to sing, experiences her first heart-wrenching goodbye when her beloved childhood friend, Momo, moves away. And after Nino befriends Yuzu, a music composer, she experiences another sad parting! With music as their common ground and only outlet, how will everyone's unrequited loves play out? At long last, Nino makes her TV debut as “Alice,” the new singer for the popular band In No Hurry to Shout. But Momo’s rejection has left her spiraling out of control, and her unconventional performance leaves everyone stunned! What will come of this shocking debut? And what will become of her deepening friendship with Yuzu, when both of them are concealing their true selves?

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Series Anonymous Noise
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