Anonymous Noise ≫ Anonymous Noise Manga Vol. 2
Anonymous Noise Manga Vol.   2

Anonymous Noise Manga Vol. 2




Music and longing collide in this ballad of unrequited love!
Nino Arisugawa, a girl who loves to sing, experiences her first heart-wrenching goodbye when her beloved childhood friend, Momo, moves away. And after Nino befriends Yuzu, a music composer, she experiences another sad parting! With music as their common ground and only outlet, how will everyone's unrequited loves play out? Yuzu struggles with his feelings for Nino even as his band tries to recruit her. Meanwhile, Nino strives to improve her singing skills in a bid to get Momo’s attention somehow… She soon lands an audition that’s being held by a “Momo Kiryu”—could he be her Momo?

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Viz
Series Anonymous Noise
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Written language English
Product Code ARCHO2-178198
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