Real Account ≫ Real Account Manga Vol. 6
Real Account Manga Vol.   6

Real Account Manga Vol. 6




A simple premise, “If you reach zero online followers, you die,” turns into an exciting and tense thriller - The Hunger Games for the social media generation!Readers of other “video game becomes real” manga - like Sword Art Online, No Game No Life, and will want to pick up this unique new entry in the subgenre.Fans of sci-fi with a pop-culture twist, like Ready Player One, will enjoy Real Account’s devious twists and turns.Ongoing. Ages 16+.After the death of their parents, Ataru Kashiwagi and his younger sister, Yuri, depend on each other. Ataru works hard at high school and his job, and spends his leisure time on a social media site: Real Account. Eventually, he hits 1,500 followers, but he sometimes wonders how much they really care about him. One night, the screen ominously begins to glitch, only displaying: The Game Will Now Begin. In the blink of an eye, Ataru finds himself transported into Real Account’s loading screen - except now it’s a 3-D lobby! Before them stands Marble, the smiley-faced announcer. With a sinister cheerfulness, Marble says, “If you die in here, you die out there…and so do all your followers!”Series Overview: Ataru is one of millions of members on the social networking site Real Account. But one day, he and thousands of others wake up inside a video game world. Here, if you lose the game, you die for real - taking all your followers with you! And if you run out of followers…it’s also game over! When likes and retweets mean life or death, how will Ataru survive? And how will he convince his online “friends” to share his posts - when it might mean giving up their lives?

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Series Real Account
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