Immortal Hounds ≫ Immortal Hounds Manga Vol. 4
Immortal Hounds Manga Vol.   4

Immortal Hounds Manga Vol. 4

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The English language debut of up-and-coming talen Ryoh Yasohachi is a modern sci-fi tale of the power and consequences of love in a world full of immortals. Filled with action and thrills, this dark science-fiction manga is latest in a line of great Japanese high stakes tales such as Death Note, AJIN, and Akira.In an alternate world everyone is an immortal. There are no doctors or hospitals. Cemetaries are things of the past; some consider them to be legends or myths. But with immortality comes consequences, like the loss of some of humanities greatest gifts…including love. There are those who understand that and choose to die for the ability to experience such emotions again. The government is determined to erradicate those who take that path, however.Story Locale: An Alternate TokyoSeries Overview: Furin is tasked to protect mortals in a world where immortality is the norm. And she accomplishes this because by day she works for the very government agency assigned to terminate those mortals who such love over eternal life.Volume 3 of 4+

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Series Immortal Hounds
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