Fairy Tail ≫ Fairy Tail: Fairy Girls Manga Vol. 4
Fairy Tail: Fairy Girls Manga Vol.   4

Fairy Tail: Fairy Girls Manga Vol. 4




A new spin-off of the smash hit Fairy Tail featuring the female members of the wizards’ guild.At more than fifty volumes, sales of Fairy Tail continue to rise with extensive support from the anime being released by Funimation.Fairy Tail is number six on the ICv2 “Top 10 Shonen Properties” chart.Ages 13 and up.Erza, Lucy, Juvia, and Wendy stumble upon a group of four female ruffians trying to pass themselves off as genuine Fairy Tail wizards. As they untangle the impostors’ plot (with time for a few laughs along the way), the underworld of Fiore is going to learn who the real ruffians are! Story Locale: The magical land of Fiore Series Overview: An spinoff of the popular Fairy Tail manga that follows Erza, Lucy, Wendy, and Juvia on an adventure of their own, with cameo appearances by many other fan favorite characters. Publication History: Trade Paperback Original

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Publisher Kodansha Comics
Series Fairy Tail
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Primary language English
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