So Cute It Hurts!! ≫ So Cute It Hurts!! Manga Vol. 11
So Cute It Hurts!! Manga Vol.  11

So Cute It Hurts!! Manga Vol. 11

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The Kobayashi twins discover that cross-dressing as each other leads to trouble and true love! The Kobayashi twins, Megumu and Mitsuru, were named after historical figures, but only Megumu has grown up with a taste for history. So when Mitsuru is in danger of losing his weekends to extra history classes, he convinces his sister to swap clothes with him and ace his tests! After all, how hard can it be for them to play each other?Azusa Tokugawa was a horrible bully until meeting Mitsuru Kobayashi helped her tame her rage. Now her tender feelings for him have left her vulnerable to the turmoil in her parents’ crumbling relationship. Will the Kobayashis’ offer of safe harbor give her enough strength to stand up to her father’s plans?

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Publisher Viz
Series So Cute It Hurts!!
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Primary language English
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