Fate/stay night ≫ Fate/Zero Manga Vol. 2
Fate/Zero Manga Vol.   2

Fate/Zero Manga Vol. 2




Expanding on the hit anime and novel series, Fate/Zero is a faithful manga adaptation that also offers extended scenes and never-before-seen content! Please be aware that this series contains some very strong content and is rated at ages 18+Warriors from all ages clash in a tournament to the death, as Gen Urobuchi and Shinjiro’s manga adaptation of Type-Moon’s hit anime and novel series continues! The fourth Holy Grail War has begun, and seven magi and their summoned heroes from history will face off. The last magi and hero pair left standing will be able to claim the grail and have their wishes granted! In a darkened shipyard, the first large battle of the war begins, with honorable Saber and Lancer crossing blades. Their fight draws the attention of other more nefarious participants, and new heroes join in the fray. Rated for ages 18+/For mature readers only.Series Overview: Collects Fate/Zero manga chapters 6-10. Dark Horse is currently contracted to realease five volumes.

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