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A prequel to the cyberpunk franchise Appleseed by Shirow Masamune, creator of The Ghost in the Shell.Even American comics readers are familiar with the Appleseed property, which was adapted into popular anime in 1988, 2004, and 2007, with an Appleseed Alpha film last year. Nostalgic anime fans will be excited to revisit this classic.Ages 16 and up.In the 22nd century, New York City is a war-torn place ruled by warlords and a giant robot mayor with three eyes and a three-piece suit. While there, Deunan and her cyborg lover Briareos stumble across two citizens of a legendary utopia. It’s up to them to guard what could be humanity’s best chance to rebuild.Story Locale: 22nd-century New York CitySeries Overview: Before the events of Appleseed, Deunan, a human woman and former SWAT officer, and her combat cyborg lover Briareos arrive in wartorn New York City, winning refuge with the city’s impeccably dressed robotic mayor. There they encounter Iris and Olsen, two citizens of the legendary utopia known as Olympus, and a race is on to find the city that might hold the power to save humanity.

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