Nabari no Ou ≫ Nabari no Ou Manga Vol. 9
Nabari no Ou Manga Vol.   9

Nabari no Ou Manga Vol. 9




As Yoite’s condition worsens, Yukimi’s mind drifts, eventually settling on the mystery of the dying Kira user’s past. Acting independently at the cost of his assigned mission, the Grey Wolves’ resident journalist sets off in search of the truth about his ward’s life with little to guide him. Left to their own devices, Yoite and Miharu break free of Hattori and the Grey Wolves when they learn that the leader of the pack knows much more about them than he has ever let on! On their own and on the run, the two do their best to stay alive and solve the puzzle of the Shinra Banshou. But in the world of shinobi, death is never very far behind…

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Yen Press
Written language English
Series Nabari no Ou
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Product Code ARCHO-85678
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