Zombie-Loan ≫ Zombie-Loan Manga Vol. 10
Zombie-Loan Manga Vol.  10

Zombie-Loan Manga Vol. 10

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Learning the truth about herself while caught in the world beyond, Michiru is thrown into a whirlwind of information and revelation. And she even lands herself a tour of the ARRC HQ! But with the Z-Loan dream team divided up, will Chika and Shito get conquered in Hong Kong by the Xu Fu, who are in hot pursuit?! Whisked off to an audience with Lao Ye against their will, the duo is horrified to discover the demented Dragon Head’s plans for both the kidnapped Koyomi’s supernatural skills…and Shito’s body! Now that the tables have turned, can Michiru reach her friends in time to help them out of a tight situation?!

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Yen Press
Written language English
Series Zombie-Loan
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Product Code ARCHO-77854
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