Hot Gimmick ≫ Hot Gimmick Manga Vol. 5
Hot Gimmick Manga Vol.   5

Hot Gimmick Manga Vol. 5

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Increasingly attracted to her former "master" Ryoki, our heroine Hatsumi asks him to a movie, but things get complicated (of course), when a jealous Ryoki starts to take umbrage at Hatsumi's relationship with her (adopted?) brother Shinogu, which looks suspiciously "too close for comfort" from what he has seen. Then Shinogu decides to take himself out of the picture by moving out of the house...All this and more in the latest volume of Hot Gimmick, one of the most talked-about new manga titles coming out of Japan!

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Viz
Series Hot Gimmick
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Written language English
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