One Piece ≫ One Piece Manga Vol. 7 The Crap-Geezer
One Piece Manga Vol.  7 The Crap-Geezer

One Piece Manga Vol. 7 The Crap-Geezer



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Don Krieg's evil pirate armada goes up against the pirate-cooks of Baratie, the oceangoing restaurant, in an attempt to hijack their place of business. The pirate-cooks aren't going to stand for it--until Krieg releases one of the most dangerous secret weapons in his arsenal: Invincible Pearl! When Sanji steps in to the fray, it turns out that he and Chef Zeff (better known as the "Crap Geezer")
have some unfinished business concerning the manner Crap Geezer's lost leg! Will their differences come between them, or make the Baratie stronger? Luffy's moved by Sanji's motivation and steps in to protect the Baratie, but it turns out that Krieg has an even more deadly weapon--Gin, the very man whose life Sanji saved with a nice, rounded meal.

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