No. 6 ≫ No. 6 Manga Vol. 8
No. 6 Manga Vol.   8

No. 6 Manga Vol. 8

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I LOVE YOU, SHION. MORE THAN ANYTHING.Risking everything, Shion and Rat have finally made it to the top floor of the Correctional Facility, where Shion is finally reunited with Safu! But has Shion’s rescue attempt come too late? Is the Safu he once knew gone forever? As Rat rushes to find a way out, Shion must make a heartbreaking decision: Leave, saving Rat and himself from capture, or stay, and find another solution? Either way, Shion may lose a friend, or his own life! The tale of No. 6 builds to a climax in its second-to-last volume!Includes special bonus story!Story Locale: No. 6Series Overview: When Shion, a privileged boy, gives shelter to an urchin for the night, the city he once called home forces him into the ghettos for insubordination. Four years later, an epidemic breaks out across the city. Shion, along with the help of the urchin Rat, must clear his name, even if it means exposing the ugly truth behind the perfect city No. 6.

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Department Books / Manga
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Series No. 6
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Primary language English
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