Mardock Scramble ≫ Mardock Scramble Manga Vol. 3
Mardock Scramble Manga Vol.   3

Mardock Scramble Manga Vol. 3

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Rune Balot is a prostitute who is nearly murdered by Shell, an enigmatic casino manager, who suffers from a disease that forces him to remove and store his memories. A victim for most of her life, Balot faces a choice. While on the brink of death, she is given the opportunity to live. It is not a simple choice for a victim, but Balot takes it. A professor brings Rune back to life as a cyborg with the ability to control electronics and partners her up with a self-aware universal tool named Oeufcocque. Together they begin to unravel the mystery behind Shell and Balot sheds the role of the victim, but must struggle between seeking justice and vengeance. VICTIMIZED OR VICTORIOUS? After Rune Balot was nearly murdered, an enigmatic casino manager gave her a new purpose in life - vengeance! Rebuilt as a cyborg with the ability to control electronics, she starts a crusade to cleanse her haunted past. But when the relentless Boiled wanders into her life, ruining and shredding all she cherishes, Balot's mental state and very well-being are threatened. Includes special extras after the story!

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Publisher Kodansha Comics
Series Mardock Scramble
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Primary language English
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